SQL service could not be started after enabling VIA protocol in clustered environment.

This problem may occur after enabling VIA protocol (VIA is special network interface that can perform faster and lighter weighted RDMA than TCP. It is used for high end server. It requires special VIA hardware and libraries to work so in case we do not have a compatible HW for VIA enabling it may cause problem to SQL server) in SQL Server which caused SQL service to be stopped and because Clustered SQL resources could not be online so rolling back to previous setting could not be successfully implemented.

To solve this issue you have to do some tuning in registry to fix it as the following brief description

  • Open registry in SQL Active clustered node and locate the right SQL GUID cluster resource and check point file then load the right check point file into registry then disabling VIA Component.
  • After editing the registry, SQL Service will start successfully and cluster fail over also will work successfully.

For detailed steps enjoy this link à http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953504


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