Exchange Services are in starting mode and could not be successfully started due to error ID 2080

It was a rear situation, some Exchange services could not be started on the majority of Exchange Servers. After initial investigation it was definitely that it is related to connectivity with domain Controllers. But how? I can successfully ping DCs, Ran dcdiag test against the DC. Found the dcdiag report looked good. But in the application Log I found error ID 2080 was repeated with description: Process MSEXCHANGEADTOPOLOGYSERVICE.EXE (PID=6660). Exchange Active Directory Provider has discovered the following servers with the following characteristics:

(Server name | Roles | Enabled | Reachability | Synchronized | GC capable | PDC | SACL right | Critical Data | Netlogon | OS Version)

Also IDs: 2114 and 2501 were logged many times

After more investigation and check Default Domain Controllers Security Policy Found “Exchange Servers” was not listed in “Manage auditing and security log” right

I added the “Exchange Servers” group to “Manage auditing and security log” right

And restarting Exchange Servers and everything went right

If you are looking for more details check this link



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